Old Sleningford, Yorkshire

Some early Sleningford records include:

Papers in suits concerning Sleningford tithes

Date: 19 Oct 1632

From William Ingilby of Ripley, esq., to Basil Staveley of Ripon Park, gent., of tithes in Sleningford, belonging to the prebend of Studley for 21 years at an annual rent of £12 for the first 2 years and thereafter £15.

Date: 1648-66

Between Sir William Ingleby and Richard and John Ullithorne, Robert Wivell and others, and Staveley v. Ullithorne concerning tithes in Sleningford, claimed by Ingilby to be part of the prebend of Studley and by the Ullithornes etc. to have been exempted from tithes by the Cistercians, including briefs, depositions, interrogatories, answers, orders for trial.

Date: 23 Mar 1659

Including briefs for William Staveley, counsel's arguments, answers of defendants, orders for trial and copies of grants to Fountains Abbey, a composition of 1359 between the abbot of Fountains and the church of Ripon and a fine of 6 John.


Thomas Kitchingman Staveley married married Mary CLARIDGE in Westminster St. James on April 20th, 1820.

In 1832 a personal medal was struck to commemorate the General Election of that year in Ripon:

Obv. - The "Genius of Patriotism," bearing the shield inscribed PRO PATRIA, stirking with is spear "Corruptoin," who lies under his feet, and holds mask and bag of money; above, within triangle from whcih issue rays, KING LORDS MONNOMS.  Leg. THE GENIUS OF PATRIOTISM DRIVING CORRUPTION FROM THE CONSTITION MDCCCXXXII. HALLIDAY FECIT.



1851: Old Sleningford, North Stainley cum Sleningford, Yorkshire England

 Thomas K. STAVELEY   Head   M  Male  59   Wolverhampton, Staffordshire  Magistrate
 Mary STAVELEY   Wife  M  Female  54  England  
 George HUTCHINSON    Brother  M  Male  53  England  Magistrate
 Charlotte HUTCHINSON   Sister-in-Law  M  Female  52  England  
 Henry TUCKER  Visitor   U  Male  52  Linstead, Kent, England  Captain R. Engineers
 George SWALES  Serv  U  Male  37  North Stainley, Yorkshire, England  Butler
 John CLARKSON  Serv   U   Male  17  Bedale, Yorkshire, England  Footman
 Catherine BODDY  Serv   W  Female  28  Kent, England  Housekeeper
 Ann Frances COOPER  Serv   U  Female  27  London, England  Lady's Maid
 Anne ROWE  Serv  U  Female  25  Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire, England  House Maid
 Sarah TAYLOR  Serv  U  Female  20  Knayton, Yorkshire, England  Dairy Maid


The following year in June 1852 Thomas Kitchingman Staveley married Anne Elizabeth BURMESTER in Bath, Somerset, the only daughter of M. A. Burmester Esq., M.B, Surgeon to the Forces.  However, this was a brief marriage as Thomas died in 1860 at Old Sleningford:

Malton Messenger - 25th February 1860

Deaths: at Old Slenningford Hall, North Stainley, near Ripon, Thos. Kitchenman STAVELEY, Esq.


Below is the family of Thomas Kitchingman Staveley and his wife Anne Elizabeth BURMESTER in 1861:

1861: Old Sleningford Hall, North Stainley with Sleningford, Yorkshire England

 Ann E. STAVELEY   Head   W  Female  40   France (B. S.)  Fundholder
 Miles STAVELEY   Son  U  Male   7  North Stainley, Yorkshire, England  Scholar
 Roseberry M. STAVELEY   Daur  U  Female  4  North Stainley, Yorkshire, England  Scholar
 Martha A. STAVELEY   Daur  U  Female  1  North Stainley, Yorkshire, England  
 Phebe SHELDRICK  Serv   U  Female   42  Waterbeach, Cambridge, England  Housekeeper
 Mary A. TAYLOR  Serv   U  Female  33  Bedale, Yorkshire, England  Nurse (Upper)
 Helena WALKDIN  Serv   U   Female   20   Lincoln, England  Governess
 John FERRY  Serv   U  Male  22  Cotham, Nottinghamshire, England  Coachman
 Joseph LEE  Serv   U  Male  27  Sisbury, Northumberland, England  Butler
 William HUTCHINSON  Serv  W  Male  51  Rychill, Yorkshire, England  Gardener
 Emma WATSON  Serv  U  Female  39  Bermondsey, Surrey, England  Upper Housemaid
 Elizabeth DISLEY  Serv  U  Female  24  Church-Stoke, Salop, England  Under Housemaid
 Phebe BROWN  Serv  U  Female  19  Haukswell, Yorkshire, England  Kitchenmaid
 Frances PATTERSON  Serv  U  Female  19  Ripon, Yorkshire, England  Under Nurse


Ann's son Miles died in 1867 at the age of 13 years.

1871: Old Sleningford Hall, North Stainley with Sleningford, Yorkshire England

 Anne Elizth. STAVELEY   Head   W   Female   49   France (British Subject)  Land Owner
 Roseberry Mary STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   14   Old Sleningford Hall, York, England   Scholar
 Martha C. STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   11   Old Sleningford Hall, York, England   Scholar
 Ellen LEE   Friend   U   Female   26  Thame, Oxfordshire, England   Annuitant
 Julia LADKIN  Serv   U   Female   28  Thurlston, Leicestershire, England  Lady's Maid
 Ann ALDERSON  Serv   U   Female   31  Skerby, Yorkshire, England  Cook (Domestic Serv)
 Mary RODGERS  Serv   U   Female   23  Nottinghamshire, England  Upper Housemaid
 Sarah Ann SMITH  Serv   U   Female   20  Sudbury, Derbyshire, England  Under Housemaid
 John Henry WILLIAMSON  Serv  U   Male   24  Binbrook, Lincolnshire, England  Coachman
 Peter GRAHAM  Serv   U   Male   24  Douglas, Scotland  Gardener
 Thomas TRUMPER  Serv   U   Male   22  Kinnersley, Herefordshire, England  Groom
 George FRY  Serv   U   Male   18  Salisbury, Wiltshire, England  General Servant
 Edward ARIS  Serv   U   Male   16  Shropshire, England  Under Gardener
 Fanny BULLOCK  Serv   U   Female   14  Richmond, Yorkshire, England  General Servant
 Mary Ann IRVINE  Serv  U  Female   16  Richmond, Yorkshire, England  Kitchenmaid
 John JENNINGS  Serv  U  Male  21  Topcliffe, Yorkshire, England  Footman


1881: Old Sleningford, North Stainley cum Sleningford, Yorkshire, England

 Anne Elizth. STAVELEY   Head   W   Female   64   Calais (B S), France   Landed Proprietor 
 Roseberry STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   24   Old Slenningford, York, England   Landed Proprietors Daur 
 Martha C. STAVELEY   Daur   U   Female   21   Old Slenningford, York, England   Landed Proprietors Daur 
 Ellen LEE   Visitor   U   Female   40   Thame, Oxford, England    
 Hannah PALEY   Serv   U   Female   45   Threshfield, York, England   Housekeeper (Indoor) 
 Cathrine FOX   Serv   U   Female   35   Long Sutton, Lincoln, England   Ladies Maid (Indoor) 
 Elizth. AVIS   Serv   U   Female   26   Colchester, Essex, England   Nurse (Invalid)(Indoor) 
 Elizth. CAMPBELL   Serv   U   Male   19   Leghill, Northumberland, England   Kitchen Maid (Indoor) 
 Annie BONWELL   Serv   U   Female   15   No Stainley, York, England   Housemaid (Indoor) 
 Jane PETCHY   Serv   U   Female   41   Creake, Norfolk, England   Housemaid (Indoor) 
 James CROMBIE   Serv   U   Male   37   Fife, Scotland   Coachman (Indoor) 
 Richd. DEAN   Serv  U   Male   20   Richmond, York, England   Groom (Indoor) 
 Joseph DENTON   Serv  U   Male   17   Bentham, York, England   Footman (Indoor) 
 William BONWELL   Serv  U   Male   16   North Stainley, York, England   Gardener (Indoor) 


Anne Elizabeth died in the June quarter of 1881, aged 62 years.

Armorial Families: A Directory of Some Gentlemen of Coat-Armour, Showing Which Arms in Use at the Moment are Borne by Legal Authority. London, England: Edinburgh: T.C. & E.C. Jack, 1899.   Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles.

ROSEBERRY MARY STAVELEY, elder daughter (and co-heir with her sister Martha Charlotte, wife of Ryder) of Thomas Kitchingham Staveley, by his wife Anne Elizabeth, daughter of Michael Andrew Burmester, Doctor of Medicine, Surgeon to the Forces.  Armorial bearings are, upon a lozenge: Per pale embattle gules and argent, on a chevron engrailed between three mascels, two buck's heads all counterchanged. Estates -- Stainley, and Old Sleningford Hall, near Ripon, in the county of York.


The following extract is from the Ripon Millenary Record published by William Harrison of Ripon in 1892:

October 9th (1891).

Church of St. Mary the Virgin, North Stainley, near Ripon, re-opened for divine worship by the Lord Bishop of Ripon. The portion of the church forming the present nave, previous to the alterations now completed, was a plain and unpretending structure with a flat plastered ceiling, a simple parallelogram, 36 feet by 24 feet, erected by the late Mr. Staveley in 1840. The additions to the church, as now existing, comprise a chancel 24 feet by 17 feet, vestry 13 feet by 8 feet, organ chamber and south porch 9 feet by 6 feet. The style adopted by the architect is simple work after the Decorated or Second Pointed of the 14th century. To obtain dignity to the chancel and preserve the general outline of the church, the architect has carried the ridge at the same level as the old nave. The stone work forming the original east window has been transferred to the west gable of the nave, which formerly was a blank, cold wall.

The new east gable to the chancel is lighted by a three-light window, with a similar one on the south side. Under the east window, inside, some plain stone panelling is placed, which forms a reredos with altar shell. The altar itself has been lengthened and raised. In the south wall of the chancel are double sedilia with credence and piscina. The new roof over the chancel is constructed of pitch pine, left clean with principal trusses, the intermediate spans being panelled throughout. The stalls and boys' desks are of oak, and the floor is covered with rich tile paving. A chancel arch, with low stone screen separates the nave from the chancel, and the altar is raised five steps above the nave floor line. The flat ceiling has been removed from the nave, and pierced panelling inserted in the four trusses to the roof, whilst the soffits of rafters are all panelled in clean pitch pine to accord with chancel. The chancel is built over the Staveley vault now closed, and the monument to the late Mr. Staveley now stands against the south wall of the nave. Great and reverent care was taken of the few bodies disturbed by the work, and the whole work was carried out by faculty after the Chancellor had held a special court at the church. The entire cost of the chancel has been borne by Miss Staveley and Miss Lee, of Old Sleningford Hall, as a memorial to Mrs. Staveley, of Old Sleningford Hall, who died in 1881.



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